Anyone starting school monday?

I start the following monday, but curious if anyone here is starting school this coming monday, or started already. I can’t wait to start, I’m sick of the same routine. Excited to learn as I really enjoyed school last semester.

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theres a lot to be said for learning, do as much while you can.

Im rootin for you.

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Yep,it’s back to work for me


Yeah I am. Gonna learn how to be an Indie game designer. Hopefully I reach the end successfully and gather knowledge to code and create a hit game. Been reading stories of people who made 50 000$ per day just with ad revenue from their games. But fame and stress sometimes got the best of them.

Sunday I go to a show called Marvel Universe Live and then Monday it’s orientation day. Quite excited to be honest! :sweat_smile:


Even if you made 500$ per day from your game I’d say you’d be doing pretty damn well. Good luck, that sounds like a tough business to get into but I have faith you can do it.

Don’t expect your first game to be like Halo, but eventually…if you can do it…period. Then you can make a good living off it I imagine.


Games like Halo typically require teams of people, as with any 3D project or AAA game to be more precise. I’m thinking about making a Zelda for SNES clone or maybe a side-scrolling platformer. These ideas will change as I learn how to use the software.

Yeah I just want to earn enough to have a nice place and work from Home, will be a challenge, but I think I’m ready. Thanks for having faith in me!

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I really enjoy 2d platformer games,could you do one with a schizo theme to it?

Kinda a ode to us here?

Maybe. I could make a kid trying to escape a mental asylum in a straitjacket, just jumping on top of emergency personnel to knock them out.

Sounds cool but what about not really violent, kinda like lost vikings with a puzzle thing and lotsa hidden rooms and such.

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Like metroid snes.

Haven’t played Lost Vikings, but honestly I’m trying to get away from the schizophrenic mentality, I wouldn’t want it to port over to my work, have invested too much time learning about the disease and I don’t think it would translate well into a fun game!

Lost vikings isn’t sz its a snes game from like 25 yrs ago ,anyways I was just bouncing ideas off you.

i wish you you the best of luck.

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good luck :four_leaf_clover:…you will do well. :books:
take care :alien:

Good luck to all of you!

when are you starting college?

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Next Thursday for me.

I started Monday. I have four 4-hour classes throughout the week. It went by pretty slow yesterday, I’m trying to participate but I have feelings of symptoms flaring up while in the classroom. Mainly poverty of speech and thought broadcasting. I’ve been reading too much about schizophrenia, they put names on emotions or facts that can be considered just as normal for anybody else.

So far so good. :relaxed:

wow. wish you all the best and good health. I know you can do it. Enjoy the process and chillax. :innocent: I hope you can make some new friends too.

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