Anyone started dating after they were diagnosed?

I am not the best person to give you confidence in this.

Think it pretty much depends on your social circle, and whether it survived your psychosis.

Mine did not.

Did date a girl once, but it wasn’t for me. That was after the diagnosis.

I live in a town of about c100,000 people, and not one of them wants to date me!

Also, don’t get down. Lots of people are pretty spooked by Covid-19, so not the best of times to meet people.

My advice to you would be to try and force yourself into not isolating. I isolated. Think that was one of the main problems. Once you lose all contact with other people, it becomes so hard to meet any one.

Not sure on your history, but I had first psychosis 16/17, and from age 11 to 17 I was into drugs. All the nice people in my town I grew up with at school etc think I am a scum bag.

Maybe the best thing to do is live in a city. Your chances will go up I am sure.

For me, I prefer living on the outer edges. I don’t like noise.

Wish you luck, but I cannot give you a road map on this one.


Maybe if I date again I would date women.

Watching lip service first episode.

I have never had a girlfriend or had real sex with a woman.

My boyfriend is a sweet heart though and I enjoy da love wand.


I started dating maybe six months after I was diagnosed and she also had schizoaffective disorder. We just got each other. We stayed together for about a year and a half before we broke up but we are still super close friends to this day. After that I dated guys on and off but nothing as special as what I had with her.


I really didn’t date till I got diagnosed. I always had that paranoia and after getting on meds I had good relationships with women and even got married. Wouldn’t have done that without the meds.


i never was with anyone after my diagnosis… but i was with somebody when i was sick but didn’t have official diagnose yet.

and now i’m not interested in meeting anybody as i like to be by myself and i got my mum and dad for social contact…


I dated someone younger, who just wanted to insult me and lie about me. Maybe I can blame my decision to get involved, on mental illness. I dated someone 20 years ago too. Both times, the feelings just didn’t last long. Both were after diagnosis.


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