Anyone started dating after they were diagnosed?

Has anyone started dating after the inauguration of this illness. I mean, has anyone dated someone, not who they were previously dating, but rather afterwards? To be honest, I don’t think I’m desirable in the least right now, but it would be nice to know down the line of life.

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I started dating my gf after my diagnosis by multiple years

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My gf left me 4yrs after I was diagnosed.


I was diagnosed in spring 2016, met my now husband in summer of 2017. He was the only person I dated after my diagnosis

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I should say that I’ve never dated before.


I dated plenty after I got on a med that wasn’t killing my sexual side effects…I am on fluphenazine and have lost ninety five pounds and have a good sex life…don’t give up.


I quit dating all together, never works out

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How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? And when were you diagnosed?

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I dont really care about dating anymore eventhough I had a gf for 5yrs. My health is more important and I can barely take care of myself.

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I’m at 18, and I was diagnosed when I was 15.

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I have dated since after I was diagnosed I’ve had several boyfriends.

I understand I’m not as attractive to a partner because of all my illnesses and that I do not work.

I accept things I don’t want in a partner since I know I have my flaws too.
I accepted partners that smoke even though I don’t .

What I was looking for in a partner could make them stuck up I mean I don’t want a stuck up partner who looks down at me and trashes me.

I am not happy that my boyfriend smokes and is poor but smokes anyway.

If I date again I want to be more picky and say that smoking is not ok and I won’t date a smoker.
Also someone spiritual and who cares about animals and environment and who is stable.

My boyfriend has panick attacks and may not be so stable.
He has also tried to commit suicide .

Yeah if I date again I hope to be more picky.
I was not picky because I have so many diseases they would have to accept.

My boyfriend has a stunning beard and he is fat but really nice.
He has no teeth and wears false teeth.
I think it’s the smoking despite being so poor that bothers me .

I want a partner who takes care of themselves.

Ok to eat a bit of junk sometimes but to not take care of yourself when I work so hard trying to take care of myself is a bit of a turn of.

I used to be a smoker and not take care of myself but now that I do take care of myself it bothers me that my boyfriend doesn’t take care of himself.

I had a guy on dating site try scam me and I had one report me as a scammer so my profile was removed but I was innocent but I didn’t want to date him n that was his revenge.

Guess it can take a while dating sometimes.

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Way back in the late eighties and early nineties. It was never easy.


You still have lots of time, some don’t date until 30y.o. I started dating at 21y.o. I only had one gf, the one who left me.

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Ah man, if you’re 18 you got plenty of time! Don’t even worry about it🙂


Actually maybe I wouldn’t be more picky.:open_mouth:

Life with my x in sa was pretty perfect and he has long hair to his bum , perfect taste in music,perfect dogs and home and person etc but he smokes.

My current boyfriend is really nice and has the kindest eyes and great kisses and I do enjoy his company.

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women dont get me and i dont get them so i might get a pet dog in the future

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I wrote this before about two months ago to you. I was in the same boat you are in now when it came to women when I was 19. I was 19 with schizophrenia and I believed a 100% that I would never date and never have sex. Women just seemed so unapproachable to me. I didn’t think I was desirable either.

I got put in my first psyche ward. I’m not sure what happened but there was this 26 year old blond woman I liked. She knew I liked her and one night I was alone in the kitchen and she approached me and next thing I know we were making out. We heard somebody coming so we split up. Later I was in the gym alone and she came in and we talked and then she kind of invited me to have sex with her. Me! The guy who never said two words to any girl in high school! I was average looking at my best. Anyways, we came about as close to having sex that you could be but a nurse walked in and broke it up. I still talked to the woman when ever we passed in the hall but we never had sex.

I’m not going to give you my whole sexual history in all it’s glory (I’m being sarcastic) but I moved into a group home and a couple months later I lost my virginity to this 22 year old, hardcore Mexican woman in the home. She was a knockout, built like a brick you-know-what. But I want to make a point that one cool thing about women is there’s always women out there who will give you a chance. I’ve run into them in my life and seen it in other guys lives too.

If you are half way decent and nice and you treat them decently there’s a good chance you’ll find some woman who will give you a chance and talk to you and eventually, you may get a date out of it. If you’re looking strictly for sex, there’s a possibility of that too, I had fun doing it but it was largely unsatisfying.

Anyways, I’m not setting myself up as some worldly expert on women and sex. But some things are obvious. If you act like an ass to women you are not going to get very far with them.

Man, when I was 19 I thought about sex all the time. At age 60 I have many other things besides sex on my mind.

But to get back to my point, yeah, despite many handicaps besides schizophrenia I was so sure I would never have sex or a girlfriend. But somehow I dated a little and later when I lived with my sister she had a circle of friends and I never dated any of them they still tolerated me and a couple even liked me and my sister is an extravert and very social and she went out almost every night with her friends or invited them over to talk and hang out and I was included in most things.

I kind of took it for granted way back then but thinking back, considering how I grew up, that was huge to be hanging out with all these women. And I haven’t dated in years but the women at work are friendly and respectful and I enjoy making small talk with them and getting along with them.

You’ll find some woman who likes you for some reason when you least expect it. I mean as you age you will just be around women more just by being alive. And you’ll learn about them and see that they just want what men want. They want to be liked and treated with respect and have fun. You can’t help but learn about women after you are around them as you get older. You don’t have to trick them or have cheesy, corny pick up lines. Just be yourself. You don’t have to bed a lot of women, you can just find one you like and get to know her and things will develop naturally from there.

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Yes, I was diagnosed around age 24, got my stuff sorted somewhat, and was dating by age 29. Married at age 30. Had a kid when I was 32. Now 52 and still with the woman I married in summer of 2000.


I have and am in a relationship presently that started after my diagnosis. This is my second relationship since diagnosis, too.

I think so long as SZ is managed fairly well, dating is possible.

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Naw, I’m a mess and broke. I would embarass myself and probably be insulted.

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