Anyone stable on latuda?

Im looking for success stories as i just started this med and im feeling discouraged like I should go back to risperdone

If you are feeling courageous, you can always try the new AP Rexulti in August - I am pretty sure that the Akathisia rate is lower than Latuda.

I am taking Risperdal now but might make the switch over to Rexulti or at least have my pdoc add some on to the Risperdal - it may even lower Prolactin levels

I was very stable on latuda, loved it. Pretty weight neutral too!

I’m on a Latuda / Seroquel combo… It’s helped me a lot… since I had a deep hit of negative symptoms… it woke my brain up.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon :v:

I just started it too, so I am interested to hear others experiences to with this med.

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I have been on it half a year or so and although I do have breakthrough symptoms, it helps me more than Respiridone did. I take it at night because it kind of sedates me. Don’t gain as much weight on it.