Anyone seen the movie Boy Erased?

Going to see it tomorrow at 2pm. I started reading the book God and the Gay Christian today, when at 6pm the local T.V. station runs a spot for this movie. It was one of those strange coincidences…

Never heard of it but sounds like a good excuse to get a box of popcorn and one of those giant cokes.

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Never heard of it.

What is the movie about?

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It’s about the son of a Baptist preacher who is gay in a small town. His family puts him in “Conversion Therapy” which is supposed to change gay people to straight. The last one of those places went out-of-business in 2013.

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Oh wow! Sounds terrifying!

Thank you though for educating me about the film’s plot.

See the above reply. I guess I didn’t reply to you when I did it.

Well, it looks like I’m not going to sleep tonight. I hope I’ll make the movie tomorrow. I already bought the ticket.

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