Anyone read Thomas Merton?

He’s helped me spiritually. Here are some quotes:

“When ambition ends, happiness begins.” (Schizophrenia makes us feel like failures… the trick is to try and kill off ambition, then why would we be upset about being ‘failures’?)

“If you want to study the social and political history of modern nations, study hell.”

“Just remaining quietly in the presence of [G WORD], listening to Him, being attentive to Him, requires a lot of courage and know-how.”

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sounds interesting. i haven’t read him but after i finish my current authors i may read him. i think the second quote is a bit extreme, albeit probably true. the other 2 quotes are awesome though. btw i like the warriors logo

I read Seven Story Mountain. I looked through some of his later books. I wasn’t bothered that ‘God’ was in them, but every page had the word printed about 3 times. It was distracting to me - maybe because of my point of view.

Hebrew teachings say the word for God can’t be spoken. In their religious books ‘he’ is referred o as Yahweh, a word taken from 3 hjebrew consonants that refer to ‘God’ but cant be pronounced

I like your quotes I might go back to his books when I can ever read again.

I’m waiting to read 7 story when im older, so that i can relate to it. honestly the part that i did read made me feel like a massive loser, becuase he lived such a rich life. oh well

Seven Storey Mountain is in my Top Ten Books.

The greatest thing about him was his undying spirit to never give up on himself.

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Maybe there are two books. The one I read was a biography of his life leading up to the time he became a monk. I remember little about it.

I read his “Zen and the Birds of Appetite.” I have forgotten most of it.

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“The value of human activity depends almost entirely on the humility to accept ourselves as we are. The reason why we do things so badly is that we are not content to do what we can. We insist on doing what is not asked of us, because we want to taste the success that belongs to somebody else.”