Anyone reach contentment with minimal movement and just consuming less?

Anyone? 1515151515151515

I would say I have. For the past month and a half my only movement has been down the 100 feet to the day center from my apartment and back, and a once a week visit to town. I shop very carefully at town, especially for groceries. I don’t often eat a meal that costs much more than one dollar. I drink three gallons of 1% milk a week. My food stamps just barely cover my grocery bill. I am content with my life for the most part. There are things going on that are driving me crazy, but they have little to do with my lifestyle.

I have 10 dollars for the next 48 hrs. Also one tortilla… 2 hot dogs… half a bag of gardettos. A can of nacho cheese and a yogurt…

I do have a coffee maker and some foldgers…

I have no choice.

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Aha! That’s what I forgot to add my grocery list - yogurts. My diet keeps changing season-to-season.

As for the original post, yes I do find contentment becoming 100% nothingness during the day. However, I wish it wasn’t like that. Our brains, with SZ, are overactive, though, and we do need to learn to relax better.

I’ve got a book to read too. Doesn’t have to be total nothingness.

When I read the OP’s title, I figured becoming as docile as possible… something I accomplished today, but then I start to twitch involuntarily.

It’s tough as hell. I agree. I have to have music playing at least. I’m trying to transition to books. I’ll just read and read and forgo the rest.

no. not in a million years. tomorrow I’m gonna drive to another town and spend a lot of money! :moneybag:

Not sheriff serious