Anyone Participating in No-shave November (They Call Me Mellow Yellow)

First of all, they call me Mellow Yellow

Second of all, I wasn’t gonna participate. I trimmed my beard a couple days ago, but then got too lazy to shave…so I realized today I haven’t “officially shaved” yet this month. So i’m gonna participate in no shave november

here’s a pic of progress



I too shaved in this month, 9 more or less times.

Nah… Just starting to actually shave regularly so I don’t think stopping for Movember is wise.

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what? it’s november?


This year has gone fast aye


@Patrick here it is!

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I gave up on nsn after the next day btw

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I haven’t shaved my face since about June (I think…). I decided to try and trim my mustache line, though, at the start of this month just to see the difference between letting it unfold naturally vs. a trimmed look. Needless to say, I hated the way it looked when I trimmed it afterward so I shaved the whole thing off to regrow back & evenly.

So, by accident, I shaved this month, but had been a “no shaver” all through Summer & the better half of Autumn.

I just know I’m getting tired of this guy’s moustache and face!..

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