Anyone own a Juul?

Does your antipsychotic affect the taste or nicotine buzz of Juul?

Yeah I got one because am trying to quit cigs but to answer your question no it doesn’t affect the taste or buzz at least for me it doesn’t

I sometimes smoke and sometimes use my Juul pen. I don’t notice any difference; my APs are Abilify Maintena injections and Haldol.

I have a vape, but used to use one like a Juul, the My Blu. They don’t hold enough and cost too much so I switched to refillable Smok Novo. I actually feel better mentally with the nicotine. I was nicotine free for 4 years before picking up vaping.

I do and sometimes smoke jacks, but it doesn’t affect it at all. My doctor did tell me though that jacks effect how the Aps do there work on the brain or something like that.

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