Anyone out there? This place is dead

Don’t make me post bad jokes. If you push me too far I will tell bad jokes.


:house: + :ghost: = :scream:
take care :alien:

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Please, more bad jokes!

It’s been kinda quiet around here, yeah. I find every few days there’s a spike in activity and then a lull for about a week.

Hello! How’s it going?

Hello, I am playing Yoga these days. I have played 3 times since last Saturday. One hour each day. Feeling good. I had sore arms, sor legs and sore tummy after it. Probably I should play 30 minutes rather than one hour.

After playing Yoga in the morning, I got excited. Maybe too excited to do reading and writing.

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I’m standing at the bus station and freezing. The deadliest place ever.

Hey there! Its 2:50am here in the states. Whats going on with you?

My jokes are so bad people want to kill themselves just to get away from me telling them. :wink: