Anyone out there read the book Rethinking Madness by Paris Williams?

If so any thoughts or comments?

It seems pretty interesting, but kind of controversial to some.

Edit: I just ordered a copy, but I am considering cancelling it.

I own it and have read it.

Dr. Williams makes many claims, but his evidence is anecdotal.

Interesting read.


Cool. Thank you for the reply @kindness.

I am still debating on cancelling my order of it.

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He’s much loved by the ‘Mad in America’ crowd.

Yeah…I cancelled the order. Something about the book seemed off to me. Plus the cover was really weird.

Went to Saybrook university.

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I read part of it but didn’t make it all the way through. I did enjoy some of his interpretations or definitions of things. As I was reading they made sense to me. The one that stands out in my mind right now is the term “consensus reality”. What I took that to mean was that reality is often simply what the majority agrees that it is, which doesn’t actually make anything more real, just more widely accepted. This left open, for me, the possibility that my own reality wasn’t restricted by other’s judgement but could include my experiences. This was my reality as opposed to consensus… That meant a lot to me at a time when I was afraid I’d have to throw out the past 35 years of my life.
That’s what I got out of the book. I don’t remember a lot else to be honest, and never did finish it. If you’re not interested in alternative ideas then I don’t recommend it.

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Hi @Hedgehog

I am interested in alternative ideas, however more so if they’re deep fried in good ol’ science :slight_smile:

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I respect that completely. I don’t think sz is anything to “play around” with. Particularly when I was first officially diagnosed, I needed a kinder/gentler approach, though. I was being bombarded with “information” about how delusional I have been, and how I needed to be “fixed”, so to speak. Everything just sounded like I needed to conform and change everything I had known. Reading that I could keep some of my admitted delusions and still progress in functioning was what I needed.

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I understand. I still have very poor insight. I apologize but I am unsure if I understand your last sentence:[quote=“Hedgehog, post:9, topic:78342”]
Reading that I could keep some of my admitted delusions and still progress in functioning was what I needed.

Do you mean that the book Rethinking Madness kept some of your delusions?

I mean that the book, as I read it, told me that I don’t have to throw all my delusions out. Some are so integral to who I’ve been and am. I would have to get a whole new identity if I was made to give up everything.
I can function and progress as a person without denying all my experiences.
Sorry, I’m not good at explaining things.

Oh no need to apologize :slight_smile:

Take care.

I’ve read it. Honestly think that Williams is nuttier than a pecan pie.

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LoL.@velociraptor :smiley: