Anyone out there enlightened?

What led to your discovery?


I used to search for enlightenment. Now I just want to get likes.


ya in 2011 which resulted in schizophrenia. i tried understanding reality and was an atheist and realized we might live in an artificial reality and thus there is a higher power or creator in the game and went bananas lol. i never was the same since!


I was gifted with this book by my sister in law for my birthday.

So far it is good I am hoping it gets better

It talks about ego, something that I truly don’t know much about.

And it has mentioned the word enlightenment though I cannot remember the definition.

Anyways, seeing as enlightenment seems to be something positive I would love to discover that and this book may help


I’ve heard that enlightenment is a journey rather than a destination.

My humble opinion.



Yes Eckhart tolle would be very helpful in your search. A man of great wisdom

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I heard that enlightenment was a realization and that no time is needed to see this

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‘‘the dark of the night of the soul’’ has clues

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It’s definitely interesting to hear the multiple viewpoints. I used to be into mindfulness meditation myself. It’s still cool either way you look at it.


I try to stay away from all things “spiritual”
Definitely a trigger for me.


My view exactly. If any of it is true we have an eternity to ponder such things after we leave this place

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imagnation kicks in no proof for anything, the human race is in the same boat

Enlightenment is pretty arbitrary. Depends what you want in life.

Material or intellectual gains? Spiritual? Simply a state of sustained bliss? To experience profound misery so you may better appreciate life? So many definitions.


I don’t know that I’ve achieved spiritual enlightenment but I see my life narrative in a way that I think is more true and is much kinder to myself.

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Usually when someone in this forum says they’re enlightened it means their meds are out of whack.

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Yeah, a lot of Europeans around the 17th and 18th centuries. Next you’ll be asking if anyone experienced a real Renaissance.

I’m near enlightenment. I get flashes of it. I’m in agreement with skunk it’s a journey not a destination.

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I lid one up. Sorry for the joke :smiley:.

How do you know that your near? What happens when you get there?

I use to be enlightened , I was in the mind state I loved.

The wear and tear got to me over the years, and the head space I’m in now is like dangling from a tree.

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