Anyone online now? I can't sleep

Tried 50mg Seroquel on top of 1 mg Ativan and I drank alot of alcohol too. Got some sleep but woke up at 1:30 AM CST. Just can’t sleep, too much on my mind. I’m supposed to take the second urine sample of the day 2 hours after I get up. Sent in first sample, too diluted because I drink a lot of water.

I took 2 mg of Ativan with 1500 mg of GABA to try to fall asleep for a few hours. Doing what I’m doing is dangerous, but i’m so desperate. I need that sample to be good, a lot is riding on the lab results.

Used to be able to sleep on just Invega. Not anymore. Seroquel is supposed to be titrated. Can’t get to a psychiatrist in the middle of the night. I hope for a 2 hour nap at least between 4 and 6.

What time is it where you are?

I’ve only had lorazepam the once in hospital, it worked really well for me but I couldn’t have it prescribed outside of hospital so I don’t know how quick tolerance builds. Do you have a tolerance to it?

Quetiapine (seroquel) worked pretty well for me when I was still increasing the dose every few nights but now I’m slowly starting to get insomnia again too. I’ve always had problems with insomnia so I know how bad it can be and hope things improve for you. I’ts a shame that you can take all that stuff and still not get to sleep. Which other sleeping pills have you tried?

Out of interest, can I ask what the urine tests are for if you’re willing to say? I’ve been having urine tests every week for a few months, with my last one next week. Mine aren’t very important though, they’re just testing me for THC, but I do get shopping vouchers depending on the result.

I used to drink to sleep as well a couple years ago for a couple months, but it really isn’t healthy so best to avoid that if possible.

The urine test was for neurotransmitter levels. A lot of drama in my life over that.

I do have a tolerance to lorazepam building now due to excessive use. I’ve tried Benadryl, Calms Forte, Ativan, and combinations of those on a rotation with alcohol. I have high tolerance. I used to buy liquid serotonin online, but I had to use 80$ worth to get enough in my system to go to sleep, and it would run out after 6 hours. The sleep quality was better with serotonin and Ativan. It sucks- I used to be able to go to sleep on just Invega. I’d lay there and think for one or two hours, but somehow I’d fall asleep. Not anymore!

50mg of seroquel was nothing. Gonna ramp up tonight. When the stress reduces, it’ll get better. Ramped up the Invega yesterday from 3mg to 6mg to prevent episode, I was headed for a crisis or episode. I think it was 1:45 AM when I posted. It is 5:25 AM now.

Thats cool, I wish I could do one of them tests but as far as I know the NHS doesn’t do them. I’d be interested to hear your results when you get them.

I hope the insomnia gets better. Upping the Invega is probably a good idea. I used to stay up for days on end when I was insomniac and it would make my symptoms a lot worse, both positive and negative. Or if I was doing well otherwise at the time it would make me start getting psychotic again. I often used to use massive doses of Etizolam (or occasionally street benzos but not often) to sleep. I found it better than having to using alcohol for sleep - more effective and I think not as bad for you. It’s like a legal benzo. Though prescribed drugs are always gonna be a better idea.

At the moment I’m in that phase like you were where I lay awake for an hour or two before getting to sleep, but that time is getting longer and I’m waking up earlier so I may be on my way to insomnia too. It’s weird at the moment, Seroquel makes me really sedated but I still am starting to struggle to sleep anyway.

Have you tried trazadone?

No, haven’t bothered. I have a serotonin deficiency, SSRIs don’t work on me. I’m pretty sure that’s what trazodone is. I’ll look it up, thanks. It works great for my friend, but he’s a “normie”.