Anyone online for chat?

I won 25 pounds on election results.

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Good for you. I’m just happy it’s over now. It was really stressing me out.

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Yeah I’m happy as well.

I love it, , sounds real fun too

Thanks. It’s a story I wrote for my nephew.

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Hey hows it going Star84?

Good. How’s it going with you? Went for long walk today.

Its going ok. I have bad dp/dr, but i feel ok right now. Walking is great. I should get back to it.

Yeah I’m trying to lose weight so walking will be good for that. I always feel way better when I’ve done it.

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Counting calories makes you lose the fastest, but walking helps with health and motivation.

I count calories and count how much I’ve burnet from walking. I track it on my fitness pal.

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I lost a bunch of weight, but gained it all back. It really sucks.

Easy to do. Trggc

Yeah all that work, poof, out the window.

Yeah I lost a lot of weight last time I was in hospital and put it back on very quickly.

Anyone online now?

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