Anyone online for chat?

It’s the middle of night. Can’t sleep. Anyone online for chat?

I’m about to go to sleep. It’s 3.45 am. Gotta wake up at 10 am to prepare for cbt. :s

How has lockdown been for you?

It’s been ok. My life hasn’t been much different except I don’t go to friend’s house on weekend and no driving lesson. I loved ur recent drawing. How’s CBT going?

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It’s going alright. Although I must admit that I’m guilty of not doing my ‘homework’ very thoroughly. But I like the therapist she’s really nice.

And has a logical approach to what she does.

Did you enjoy cbt?

I never did CBT in the end.Is it good?

It’s useful. But the only issue is that I feel paranoid to open up completely.

If you are someone who is not afraid to open up fully then it can potentially be even more useful.

That’s why I didn’t do it. I felt to paranoid to open up.

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I understand…its not easy to do that. And so I am stuck with some issues woop woop. :sweat_smile:

Me to. Stuck with some issues. I’m regretting a lot recently.

Oh that sucks. About the regretting. I hope you find a way to accept and move on from the past?

Did you not increase your medication again, has that helped you?

Yeah I increased meds feel better but still stuck dwelling on past.

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good evening star84 its 6:06 am in Greece how are u?

Good thanks and you?

iam good just made coffee,watching the news.

Cool are you in lockdown?

from saturday we entering a new lockdown for 3 weeks, i wont work

We’re coming out of lockdown Monday.

thats great news

Oh. OK yea I personally regret quite a few things too. But i can’t change them now. So I try my best to learn from them. I don’t have much other choice really.

Life is tough.

Yeah life is tough. I wish I could stop these repetitive thought patterns.

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