Anyone on tegret? Please share

Tegratol is a moodstabaliserr

I was on Valproic Acid before. I think it is the same thing as Tegretol. It seemed real acidic to me. I didn’t stay on it long.

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Like I said before, I was on Tegretol for decades.

It was not as effectve as Depakote was for me, but still a good, safe medcation.

carbamazepne (Tegretol) tends to lower other meds one is taking, so adjustments have to be made usually.

I am psyched myself, becuse I will be back on Depakote soon - this med saved my life in the past.

Best of luck with it @anon80629714

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I have pcos so depokte was not an option :frowning:

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Tegretol controlled my minor mood swings and obsessive thoughts. It seemed to uplift me. But I discovered it was the cause of the nasty rash I had on my arms and I had to stop taking it.

Depakote is a better drug for males, so they say.

There are issues with PCOS and women tend to gain weight more on Depakote than males.