Anyone on only AP med?

I have quit side meds like AD and depakote and im staying on haldol. Anyone else only on an AP?

I am just on Risperdal 4mg but I am just diagnosed with sz. No depression or anxiety or ocd.

I may end up quitting Depakote and I’m not sure if I’ll need a different mood stabilizer.

So therefore hopefully I’ll just be on Risperdal.

My liver has had enough of these meds.

I suspect everyone without any mood issues will be on just an AP.

But if you have mood issues what are you going to do @Newlyborn ?

I take only AP’s I’m contemplating pregnenolone to increase myelin production but need to see more research first.

I would like to do some activities or eat some foods that increase serotonin though. I wish they found an AP that didn’t block this receptor site. Wouldn’t be caught dead taking ADs though.

I used to be only on one AP (amisulpride) then olanzapine as well but mood issues esp depression was requiring mood stabiliser

Im only on antipsychotic used to be on prozac too but i dont really need it.

My main one is Amisulpride, but I can take Levomapromozine for sleep.

I also take 5mg Aripiprazole to lower prolactin

For my GAD I take Diazepam and Pregabalin

Need procyclidine as well as I have EPS

Im only on Haliperidol in the evening once a day

You may need other meds for anxiety and sleep.

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I’m on blonanserin and effexor.

Yeah. I’m on haldol only. My pdoc wants me to take an ad but I don’t want to.

I’m just on 10mg Abilify right now. I’ve stopped taking my non-psychiatric meds until Covid19 is over and it’s no longer a hassle going to the doctor.

I’m only on Clozapine but I may need a mood stabilizer in the future

On only abilify 10mg

Once a psychiatrist told me that if i am stable than to reduce the AP and increase Mood stabilizer. It changes from this ways.

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