Anyone on lurasidone/latuda

This is embarrassing to ask but how’s your sex drive on it because my sex drive on abilify is low and I heard on lurasidone it’s even lower


I’ve been taking latuda for a little over a month and am liking it. My sex drive is only a small amount lower than normal and I don’t mind it much. On abilify I couldn’t stop thinking about sex my sex drive was really high and I didn’t care for that. So happy that I am only sleeping 8 hours a night again also instead of the 12 I was on other meds.

My boyfriend is on Latuda, and it hasn’t impacted his sex drive much either

Is he average BMI being on latuda

Are you losing weight or average BMI now?

Abilify made me too hypersexual, so I stopped it. I was on Latuda for a year, sex drive was still high but not as high as on Abilify. Now sex drive is normal, high normal, on 4mg Risperdal. If Vraylar causes a high sex drive like Abilify and Latuda, I am stopping it.

Do you remember your BMI on abilify and latuda?

BMI is about negative symptoms mostly. I had lowest negative symptoms on Abilify and I went to the gym 4x/week for 1-2hrs. So BMI lowest on Abilify, 200-210lb 5ft10.

No he’s s little on the bigger side

I haven’t weighed myself yet. I’m very skinny and was up about 15lbs on risperidone/invega and I think I am a little lighter on this med.

Definitely way lower. Minor issues with ED too.

Were you on abilify before?what’s your weight on abilify if you were on it before


I tried abilify for a couple of weeks but I had such anxiety and restlessness and panicked attacks that I quit taking it.

I’m happy on latuda.

If I was to change medication I would probably give abilify another go but would probably try geodon first.

I have been stable on latuda for over four years now.

I feel out of breath and like I’m tied up in invisible restraints and have a choke collar on last couple of weeks since I went to a lower dose of latuda.
Breathing is more strained.
Sleeping not so well.