Anyone on invega( peliperidone ) and quetepine(seoquel) combo?

i want to try that combo

I am on INVEGA and its a great medication but the seroquel i did not like. I gained 50 pounds in 4 months using seroquel but everyone is different and won’t happen to most people. Seroquel was great for sleeping though. As soon as i’d take it i would knock out and fall asleep.

I do not recommend seroquel. Did not help with voices at all and made me gain lots of weight.

Everyone is different though. It might work great for you.

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But if you take them both at the same time?

I have thought about trying Quetiapine with Risperidone (which is similar to Paliperidone).
2mg Risperidone twice a day for psychosis, and 25mg Quetiapine at night to help me sleep a bit better, but I never tried it as I went onto Chlorpromazine instead.
I get on ok with Chlorpromazine but psychiatrists don’t prescribe it much anymore because no one makes any money out of it.

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do u find any challenges from invega? side affects?

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I think i will try peliperidone for positive symptoms and seroquel for negative symptoms

Buddy there is nothing to treat negative symptoms…

Yes there is when i was on seroquel small dose i had no negative symptoms just positive later

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I wont trust u tho…but its ur life u can try it out …!!!

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My doctor was prescribed me to try seroquel small dose in addition to peliperidone or respiridone i dont remember but i wont takeit couse of heavy sedation, but want to try again maybe sedation stops after few days

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Seroquel is prescribed at 2 dose ranges, the low dose is 25mg to 100mg a day and is used as a sedative, the high dose is 400mg to 800mg and used as an antipsychotic.