Anyone on here remember the notmoses days?


I used this forum most when the controversial figure “notmoses” was active on the forum. I am trying to find the people I remember from that era, like @Sarad, @Azley , pixel, samp, and others.

To those peeps:

What is happening in your lives?

I’m starting a fresh new life and putting these last seven years behind me.


pixel changed his name to @MrSquirrel and he was posting recently, sarad and samp dont post much now, Azley wrote a post recently,


Sarad and Azley weren’t around then.

I was CreativeCravings

and I went round and round with notmoses.


I remember the uber troll Mira. I was in the states and missed most of it but in a pretty poorly moderated site it brought forth some serious moderation. That was like early 2000’s. Strange place then but we looked after each other mostly.

Poor Dugal. Mira really made him make some pretty poor choices after that. Bit of paranoia may be?


Unusual Beliefs used to be my favorite section

something that has pretty much been eliminated now

do you remember Dark Sith? He was another one

I went round and round with.


Yes. He was a not only terrorizing this community, but other mental health communities as well. Very grateful to the users who helped out the individudal behind it so that he stopped. As to U.B., it’s the sickest part of this site – too bad it can’t be removed entirely. It promotes the opposite of recovery.


Glad to hear you’re turning a new leaf. Haven’t heard from sarad in a long time… She was seeming to be moving in a positive direction. Sometimes I fear the worst though.

I’m also looking forward to moving on. Recently really evaluated how different people affect my life… been sort of cutting the bad apples off the tree.

I really just want to earn my way out of having to live in Kansas. There are much more interesting places to be… This next year is all going to be about accumulating cash to that end.

Reminds me of when you were lamenting on getting back to San Fran… I very much relate to that sort of need these days.

Really good to hear from you. I’ve seen Samp around… I assume pixel ain’t far… more or less everyone else have seemingly moved on a while ago.

Take care bro.


things change @Nomad, people change, there are a lot of great new posters on this site that would love to talk to you, we are all in this together as they say :slight_smile:


Guys I do check here occasionally but I don’t post and don’t spend much time. If you have a Twitter account you can find me there @_Dismaland


He knew a lot though

not sure the accuracy

He tended to preach too much.


Notmoses is alive. That much I can confirm
How are you all?


Hey @Sarad you had highlights put in your hair?


No I didn’t Jim…it’s lightning I guess

No one is interested in notmoses lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I thought about him the other day. Someone asked a question about how APs worked or something like that.

He could have probably answered. I don’t recall what the exact question or thread was.


Notmoses knew a lot about psychanalytical hypothesis of schizophrenia : boundaries-breaching parenting and things like that. It was interesting.