Anyone on here fighting chronic agitation?

I don’t know what my issue is…I’m constantly at war with the world. I am invariably irritated or angry. Meds (Haldol in HIGH doses) aren’t doing anything to rein it in. I snapped at someone on here already, and I apologized because it had nothing to do with them. Alright, so my karma is in place, it seems, but why am I so agitated? I need to calm the hell down. I’m afraid if I keep going like this, I will hurt someone and I won’t mean to. Another mid-night plea for help. The only time of day I’m at peace. I’m so sick of myself. I feel like a toxic ball rolling down the road, covering up everything in my path with foulness. Anyone able to help?

Aside from utterly hellish living conditions? Me neither.

d00d. You’re doing fine, considering.




Think so? I feel like a failure. My wife has been pretty supportive, and she knows how much this is wearing on me. We keep catching hell from the brother-in-law for not attending church, or not doing this or that, or having “devotional time” for the lord, etc, etc, etc. I need to get out of here before I hurt him. That’s not a threat or a wish, it’s just how I COULD see this ending. I’m being pushed and pushed, and I don’t know when I’ll step over that precipice, you know?

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I’m so glad your wife has a job… I hope you and your wife can get to a small flat of your own soon.

It makes perfect sense to feel this pissed off… you have lived with out all this church stuff for ages… and now your being treated like a naughty teen because you don’t believe the way the BIL does.

You can respect his beliefs… but he seems to have no problem disrespecting your life… you and your wife are working your butts off trying to get out of there… you don’t have time to sit around talking to God.

I can totally understand the anger… I do hope you get out of there soon.

The living situation your in would have me in a very bad state of mind.

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Religious people are ■■■■■■■ crazy! Firstly they actually believe that crock is real. Well wait that sums it up. In there mind forcing their version of God and how to serve him is the best thing they can do… no wait its what they have to do.

They can’t even see that there are multiple competing theologies that have just as much validity to them.

Oh and there is no proof that any of it is even real.

Sorry to the religious folk on here, you all probably aren’t that bad. Within religious families though, that pressure is just unfair. Thank GOD my parents dropped that fight a long time ago.

Sometimes I exercise… a little bit like Joe Frazier. Thank goodness for Richard Pryor.