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Anyone on Fluphenazine? "Prolixin?"


Anyone here on Fluphenazine? If so, what dose? What kind of side effects are you having? I can’t find anything else on the Web from people taking it. :frowning:


I was just wondering if the dose I’m on is high or low. It’s definitely low for me. To knock the voices out my doc put me on 8 mg of fluphenazine along with 4mg of respiridone. Now I’ve dropped down a bit. I got down to 3.5 and had some positive symptoms that persisted. Decided to go up to five and then lowered slowly again and now I’m at an all time low of 2.5 mg. I’m hoping to be off meds by summer.

I also take at least 2 omega 3s a day. Just started on Mct oil. Along with bacopa.

I am very interested in trying sarcosine along with l theanine since reading some threads on this site. (:slight_smile:


Hi ! i Don’t know what im to say


Well are ya on fluphenazine?


No … I’m about other thinks :wink:


According to drugs.com, the usual maintenance dose is 5mg per day so it sounds like you’re on a hefty dose.


No … I’m about other thinks :wink: Do you Know about what ? myby you will understand what i can understand


I’m on 2.5 now… but I was on 8 and I was a zombie

Along with risperidone.

Now I’m off risperidone and just on 2.5 of fluphenazine