Anyone on Clozapine?

I am already two weeks on Clozapine. I take 50 mg at night. what about you ? did you get results?

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i’m on 225 mg per day and it really helped me. I had to find the combo of risperdal consta and clozapine that really helps me. But it took a long time to find that combo. But it’s been great for me. Been on it for years now.

I have been on clozapine for 2 months and so far no results. 300 mg/day
Lots of unwanted side effects. I wake up twice every night to throw up.

I’ve been on 325 for around 15 years it worked well but I’m struggling these past two years. Psychiatrist is looking into combining with another antipsychotic. I think I’m unusual though

what type of psychosis do you have ? I have thought broadcasting? is 50 mg little dose?I take 9 mg olanzapine with it

I’m on 300mg of clozapine

I am on 450mg a day. It helps me. :frog::frog::frog:

300mg clozapine for 3 years i think

I have been taking clozapine for 3 years it seems to work well for me, particularly after a long sleep. I do get obsessive thinking though that has been linked to clozapine. I constantly think about colours around my head and body as memories, does anybody get similar symptoms? I don’t believe that it is real, I take 425 mg of clozapine a day (reduced by 75mg since) I stopped smoking. I almost stopped drinking coffee (without knowing it) stopping all caffiene reduces the level of clozapine. The side effects aren’t too bad for me (apart from obsessive thinking). I’ve tried about 30 different supplements. The only one that seem to help are aguulp probiotics and vitamin d.

I have been on clozapine for 13 years. Currrenty on 250 mg/day. It’s a good antipsychotic. It’s a lot sedating and recently I am having problems with weight gain.

@qitesa, I’m on 75 mg night.
It’s enough for good sleep for me.
I always took lower doses.
23 yrs on it.

I’ve had great results with clozapine, but I’ve been on it a while and need a boost because lately I haven’t been doing well.

The only drawback is getting blood work.

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I’m on clozapine and it helps me.

I’m on clozapine and works very well for me. I just need to get my dose raised because I’ve been down lately.

I have taken 800 mgs of Clozapine in the past.

I had a partial response on it. It didn’t work a 100 percent, however it worked 50 percent i think.

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