Anyone on clozapine (Clozaril)?

Hi folks. Anyone here on clozapine (Clozaril) ? What dosage? Do you take any supplements with it? I am on 200 mg/day. Best regards.

I am not currently on Clozaril but I took it for a little over 10 years, often at extremely high doses. If you’d like to ask anything, please feel free! I found it was a very difficult drug to manage, but of course it is specific to everyone.

Hi. What dosage did you take? Why did you quit? Do you know any supplements that go well good with clozapine?

I heard that clozapine causes massive weight gain. I have been offered it but refused. If it’s the only thing that works it is either good or bad.

I put on 60 pounds taking Clozaril

I was never able to get below 350mg/day. At the most I was on 900 or 1,000.

I quit because it had been ten years and the long term physical effects were beginning to come into effect. In that time I gained about 120 lbs. I slept 16 hours a day and was dulled to the point of really not communicating. I was also very psychotic. Clozaril helped for the first two months or so, then I began to fall deep into a state that was almost coma-like. At the time this was considered a last resort drug. I had been on 8 others unsuccessfully. The only other ones I could try were typicals and I had shown severe reaction to the three I had taken. Coming off of Clozaril was it’s own special nightmare. I spent ages 14-28 in a deep psychotic state, and within 24 hours of stopping I was a different person. My affect was drastically different.

Clozaril is one of the most drugging things I’ve been on. In fact it is THE most - of over 30 psych meds. I think that now there are better options than Clozaril. The side effects are severe. Crazy stuff like being cold all the time. I wore a coat good to 20 below zero (F) from October-April. I didn’t sweat. I craved sugar constantly, I had developed insulin resistance. It’s physically taxing and the initial weekly blood work is inconvenient. It took me several years to get approval to go every other week.

Unless you have tried everything else available and have shown no improvement, I would not recommend Clozaril. It really strips a lot of who you are. I have a friend who experienced this too. Docs push Clozaril as some sort of gold standard, but I don’t think that’s really true. At the time it was introduced it was top of the line. Thirty years later we know better.

I’m right now on clozapine 100-125mg which I’ve been taking since 1.5 years. Its extremely effective for my psychosis. But I have put on dramatic weight - like 65 pounds in the last 6 months alone. Its although gold standard antipsychotic when others have failed.

I’m right now working on switching to a different weight neutral antipsychotic. I crave sugar after i take clozapine and also wake up middle of the night just to eat and then go back to sleep. Willpower and self control just does not work for me while i’m on clozapine.

I’m on 250 mg of Clozapine. It’s worked well for me.

Yup. Cloz is pretty much the Last House on the Block nowadays. And its use is generally associated with highly organically, genetically or epigenetically loaded forms of sz over the long run, as well as getting a handle chop chop on severe symptoms of allostatically (essentially “stress”) loaded sz followed thereafter by switching to a med(s) with a more benign sfx profile.

For some, though, Cloz just works fabulously and with a minimum of sfx. (Well. Ya putta particular, complex molecule into a particular, complex environment…)

See UpToDate

All antipsychotics cause weight gain actually

Same thing with my son…
He wakes up in the middle of the night to eat and go back to sleep but he never gained weight on Clozapine or any other antipsychotic :thinking:

How did you stop it?
I want to taper my son of,he is experiencing the same side effects you mentioned
Please reply

I’m no longer gaining weight on clozapine cuz i empty the fridge before sleeping. So when i wake up middle of the night, there would be nothing to eat except some cheese slices.

Clozapine has worsened my anxiety to the point that only benzo helps. No antidepressant(SSRI) is working for clozapine induced anxiety.

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