Anyone on both invega and abilify?

Been on invega 234mg for 3 years and just added abilify 10mg to hopefully remove anhedonia and rest of mind reading.
I was on 5mg of abilify, but that got me hallucinating pretty heavily. I’m hoping that 10mg won’t do it.

I added little 5htp or ibuprofen to fix mood issue since abilify seems to be upping dopamine atm.

I’m on invega 156 mg now for 2 years and have the lack of emotions too. Let us know if the abilify works.

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5mg may be enough if you don’t hallucinate at all with 156mg, but I’d go with the 10mg.

Started hearing voices with 5htp.
Maybe just anti inflammatories for mood improvement if abilify doesn’t improve it.