Anyone on benefits?

I am curious how much money is your country giving you in form of benefits?

300€ per month. I don’t take it yet

Thats a little, where you’re from?

Greece. It’s indeed little

910 and change. No work experience. I pay 750 in rent, which includes food. I have My own room. I’m extremely lucky. I’m on a 2-5 year waiting list for housing. I’m looking for work, but the meds and illness make me unmotivated and lazy.

That’s preety reasonable, where are you from?

America. California.

My sister used to travel to Greece at patalamia island, something like that

I get £800 per month

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High pay, pricey living

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I know you’re from Britain

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Having a job makes it better.

You can still have benefits and money from a job right?

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Never heard of it. You spell it wrong probably.

Yes. At least in my country

I’m still looking into it. I think part time and up to 800 bucks through DOR jobs. Then they reduce benefits. That’s what I heard.

Then I can get an Able account. Maybe then I can get a girlfriend lol.

$1096 Canadian. I live with parents and don’t pay rent, but most of the money goes to pay off the debt of failed business ventures and expenses.

Have a friend in Vatra Dornei who gets both benefits and works a part time job. That is fairly recent, it used to be the case that you couldn’t have both at all in Romania.

I get $800 usd. I can work and make 1,180 month without losing my benefits. I save about 200 month. I pay 200 for rent, 300-400 for food. I didn’t qualify for snap benefits for some reason.

now that I’m driving, I will need more money.

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Dang. That sucks.