Anyone on a combination of anti phsioctic meds?

My doc has me on 450mg clozapine but I had a seizure now they are thinking of putting me on aprisol awseel

Do you mean aripiprazole? Abilify?

I’m on a combination of Abilify injections and oral Haldol.

Aripiprazole lol I couldn’t spell it

I’m on clozapine 100mg + risperidon 4mg + thioridazine 50mg
And some antidepressants,

Do they work for you @aliali

Does that work for you? @freakonaleash

It works fairly well, except that I get the shot every three weeks instead of the usual four weeks. The shot just doesn’t quite last four weeks for me, and I’m on the maximum dose, 400 mg.

Just curious…
Why do you get an injection instead of taking pills?
I see a lot of people that get injections for meds that are also in pill form.

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Because I have no insurance. There is a patient assistance program through the drug company for the shot, but not for the pills. The pills went generic a few years ago, but even the generic is way too expensive.


Ah, I see.
Have you tried to get ssdi?

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No. I consider myself able to work, though it may be a struggle for me. I don’t have anyone to take me in and support me while I await a decision from Social Security.

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Yes, in my case this regimen fits into my system well,
Many friends here take combinations of APs,

Well I admire you for your decision.
I would like to work full time at some point, but part time is all I can handle right now.
I wouldn’t be able to afford my meds without medicare.
My ap alone is 1500 a month.

At the moment, i take a combination of Ziprasidone and Clozapine. However, the long term goal is to titrate the Ziprasidone down and the Clozapine up until the Ziprasidone is gone.

I was on 20mg Olanzapine and 20/30mg of Abilify (can’t remember which)

I take clozapine and haldol, and the last time I was in hospital they put me on abilfy for side effects but i’m not sure why

I’m now on vraylar 6 mg and abilify 20mg. I’ll ask my psychiatrist to up the abilify to 30mg plus the vraylar 6mg.

Risperidone 2mg
Latuda 120mg

I dont want to turn into a zombie :confused:

234mg invega injection
10mg fluphenazine