Anyone lost dick syze because of antypsychotic

Mine shrunk when I took too much vitamin d3. It’s not a comfortable feeling. I’m happy it’s now back to normal.


Even men without a mental illness have hang ups re their penis size. It’s probably more so with people with psychosis/schizophrenia.
I knew a fellow patient in psych hospital in the early 80s who made a suicide attempt through worrying about the size of his penis.

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When you lose abdominal fat more of your penis will show, also if you improve poor posture. Or photograph or film it in perspective.

Or select adult film talent with narrow hips and tiny hands mouths and faces.

And jump cut and select the best moments vs the inferior ones for the final cut.

And your penis will get bigger and smaller by the minute if you sit around remeasuring it with a trapper keeper ruler like a 14 year old boy with wifi in his bedroom and a 3 day weekend.

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Uh …yeah me too! It shrunk like half as much. I swear it was bigger before i started invega!!

Hold up, let me ask my mom!

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Ivega too has ruined my life . Only I have an ejaculation disorder since being on it .
Dick size is also at an alltime low - but worse than this is that I cant geet an errection .
I will never know in this earthly life a girlfriend again .
Stay brave dude . at least you have your errection *

It’s not length but girth that matters. If it shrinks that meat is probably going into width

I will never understand wanting to quit meds due to your libido being lowered by them. Maybe it’s because just the thought of having sex disgusts me, but I just can’t figure out why in the world sex drive is more important than sanity. It’s not like you’re not going to get any sex walking down the street or sitting in a bar looking psychotic as hell.


I am gonna be honest, I am over hearing about dicks and masturbation constantly. I swear I’m going to post a thread about nothing but vulvas, vaginas, uteruses.

Really,dicks don’t DO thia shapeshifting! They can look smaller but the main reason is usually weight gain. Aps cause weight gain so your wee little guy is swallowed up by fat. Solution- diet and work out. It’s a fact that getting in shape, especially lifting can make your junk look bigger and expand more due to increased blood flow.

Are your women complaining? If they arent, stop worrying. If they are, find another GOOD woman. And if you don’t have a woman or man to impress, wtf is the issue? Hands don’t get off.


Finally someone said it


Yes… This is my favorite post today.

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I feel for you bro, Hope things have gotten better *

Well Said. Thank You.

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Check your prolactine levels get a blood test this could be hormonal.

I was once the big kahuna downstairs but now im the average kahuna its def the meds.

This is a real problem. I don’t know why you can’t see that and make him feel bad for caring about his genitalia.

Whats wrong with you anyway?
know your place. You never understand his problem so don’t try to give advice when you get a dick you can give advice to other dicks


I just don’t get why woman will tell us to not care and then also go out make a vagina thread to counter act as if we even read the vagina thread.


Which is more important , your dick size or being as mentally healthy as possible? I think most males would choose the latter. Some on this forum need to rethink their priorities.

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I know… Double standards especially in america

I suggest you, op, to change aps. Not every one is gonna hurt you

Why do woman get boob jobs exactly ?

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