Anyone losing weight at the minute? it's in the media a lot this

I think the excess hunger from antipsychotics is definitely a factor but i’ve been taking them since 1993, so i can’t blame it all on that - i was 11 st 4 lbs age 14… before meds
i think hunger was always a problem for me…
i have heard great things lately - confirming that if you eat more - you do it because you have to - you could eat no less and no more healthy if you had all the willpower in the world

Those who put on weight have Appetite in common - the thin people just don’t have as much of a thing about food - they have NO IDEA what it is like to need to eat those things in those quantities.

i guess it is a huge first for the media to admit there is nothing morally wrong with people who put on weight
if you haven’t 'heard this in the media look it up.

it’s so obvious to us who have our appetites messed with … but ordinary people have pregnancies and gain weight with no meds

If you look at your family - that is where you will probably end up

i hate this because my mum is obese.

i am 41 and have been obese for a few months and on and off (until this morning actually)

our utter helplessness against the wrong foods is also explained now

it’s life changing to have it recognised. i feel like the slim people can now get off their perceived high horses - sorry it has always grated :
oh i only have honey
: oh i couldn’t eat all that in one go etc
: oh that was a nice meal - so light!

yet still i dream of begin 27 waist and bloody have no idea when the next huge binge will be

Im gaining weight fast too. Its not a matter of what I eat, its the meds. I might also have a genetic component to it as there are some big people in my family. My skinny little brother just started college. Now we get to wait and see how he handles the freshman 15. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’m losing weight at the minute trying very hard to stick to total food replacement and it works some days but i have had a slightly inconsistent three weeks, overall i’m down 12 lbs so far

no longer obese is a milestone for me i was nearly a stone obese.

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