Anyone likes law of attraction?

You have to change your thoughts first , then it will be easy


It’s ■■■■■■■■ to do stuff better to meditate

I visualised being cured of my brain injury constantly enough to give me hope of being normal, which helped me find various treatments, like ionized water and a good diet, that are making a big difference. I now have extended periods of normalcy where before I only had chronic pain and symptoms.

It depends. A lot of law of attraction happens when you feel happy and good with yourself. Accordingly to Julien Blanc, if your subconscious has a lot of crap, you can’t use law of attraction properly for your benefit.

Anyway, having good thoughts and acting on them is far better than doing nothing.

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Nothing wrong with visualizing what you want. Just make sure to take steps to achieve it as well.

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Julien Blanc did a lot of stupid things when he wanted to make fun of some stuff related to sexual abuse and women. The media scandal was bad for him. He even got fat. But now he’s okay (and feel regret for what he did) and is releasing more of his programs. Programs that even women apply. I wouldn’t feel like vomiting when I hear his name.

he describes himself in Tokyo “romping through the streets” and “grabbing women” whilst shoving their faces in his crotch, saying “Pikachu”. Footage is shown of Blanc committing the described actions and kissing women aggressively.

This is not someone you want to emulate. He probably gave several women PTSD.


At least he admits he was in a low-level mentality. He admits his mistakes during his new releases. Insisting that he’s a bad person is kind like hunting witches. I think it’s groupthinking.

And no, I had several traumas during my childhood and I don’t blame people for my PTSD. It’s victim mentality.

But you do understand he literally committed a crime, right? It’s called sexual assault and it is 100% his fault for committing a literal crime. It wasn’t a mistake. It was a crime for which he has been banned from several countries. He should be paying the therapy bills for the women he assaulted, if he’s really sorry. He shouldn’t be continuing to make money by promoting the abuse of women, if he’s really sorry.

I absolutely blame my abusers for abusing me. I do not blame myself for being an easy target. Blaming yourself for PTSD is counter-productive to recovery.


He doesn’t promote the abuse of women. And if he commited all these crimes, I’m still wondering why the he was not arrested. Maybe it’s because media wants you to believe: “hey, here’s the bad guy, let’s hate him!” These same media ideas is what make people, for example, accept stupid things like building a wall to separate US from Mexico.

You can blame your abusers for abusing you, but you CANNOT blame them for your PTSD. There are many factors that make a PTSD happen. You shouldn’t blame yourself either, but take responsibility for your PTSD.

Dude, it’s on video. He recommended other men do the same thing. He was denied entry into the UK, Australia, and Singapore. I don’t understand why you’re so devoted to the philosophy of a man who has done so much to hurt so many people.

Please take a moment to think about this rather than react defensively to the suggestion that the community that you’ve attached yourself to is problematic.


He literally made a video showing himself assaulting women. He didn’t get arrested because it wasn’t illegal IN THAT COUNTRY. But it IS illegal in my country and yours. Countries don’t ban people from entering because they think they’re jerks. They can only legally ban people from entering when they have committed a crime.


All this pick up artists is ■■■■■■■■ , better listen to your heart .:upside_down_face:



I’m a man, and if I grabbed you and shoved your face into my crotch you’d be fine with that?


I’m not devoted to his philosophy. I pick some of his knowledge that is important for me and there are things that I don’t buy. I recognize that Julien was stupid before the media scandal.

Considering it’s a community about relationships, it’ll have a lot of problems. It’s really a challenge to pick the stuff that is important for you. Feminism has a lot of problems too.

If you guys have good material about how to have meaningful relationships with women, I’ll look at it. But just show me other alternatives.

I am going to have to delete and close all posts relating to Julien Blanc now, under the following community rules.