Anyone like Joe Rogan?

I first got into joe rogan from his ufc commentary. But I love his podcasts. He speaks with lots of cool people and he provides great ideas for exercise and nutrition. Also when he is speaking I kinda feel good cos it makes you feel like you have company. I don’t get out much and have few friends so I like “hanging out” with Joe!


He’s surprisingly intellectual. His podcasts are always informative.

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Want to try his coffee with grass fed butter. Sounds amazing.

Haven’t heard of that. I did hear about people putting butter in their coffee though. Doesn’t sound to good to me, but people swear by it.

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That’s funny you mention that! SYNCH! This morning I had nothing to do and after having come across a short video on YouTube where he talks about difficulties in life I decided to check out The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on iTunes. They are 2 something hours long and the one I listened to was incredibly informative. The guest talked about virtual reality, the Singularity and all sorts of interesting topics. I swallowed it whole, really felt engrossed into the subjects… He has a very soothing voice too! I’ll listen to more later! :smiley:

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Joe is okay.

I didn’t much like him in his stand up act when he said “a bunch of poor dying people.” Pretty mean ■■■■ right there to be saying.

He’s a dark one but still fun to listen to some times.

He has a YouTube channel. All the podcasts are there in video.

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Yeah, he’s cool. How come no one mentioned “Fear Factor”?

I like the show “Joe Rogan questions everything” it’s entertaining