Anyone like horror shows & films?

I seem to like the more mind-■■■■ ones. I watched the pilot of American Horror Story with some friends the other weekend, and now I am hooked on it. I like that which is messed up. I am finishing up season one tonight.

I have chronic nightmares, so horror stuff doesnt really get to me…not really scary, more like familiar. Makes me feel relaxed because when I relax, horrible things happen in my brain once I go to sleep.

I have a developed taste for dark things. I even wear all black every day! I sometimes wear a little red or white. I have a pair of red jeans and a couple red shirts. I have black and white converse all stars with red laces.


I never did like that genre to be honest. The last one I saw was the Blair witch project which was good. I believe most of the horrors ‘nowadays’ rely on cheap ‘jump scare’ tactics.

But I’d hate to have nightmares on top of everything else. Any idea which med might be the culprit? It might not be the AP. Having said that I had horrific dreams on my last AP.

I’m not much for horror…

So much of my life has been dark and twisted… I don’t watch that sort of stuff for fun.

What really mind bends me is war Schit. Anything with blood or limbs flying…

No way… that will do my head in big time.

Hey there, yeah it’s both the Geodon and melatonin which contribute to vivid dreams, but the psychosis and trauma are the most likely culprits of the nightmares (my dreams are vivid nightmares). Some receptors really are associated with vivid dreams, and both Geodon and melatonin affect the receptors. I forgot which ones, but I think they were 5-HTP variants, which means serotonin. I did one year as a neuroscience major and then switched to psychology.

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I haven’t touched this story since the post…

I feel that most horror movies just aren’t quality movies. I do like some horror films but they’re few and far between.

I’ve seen maybe 5 in my life. I am not a fan lol

I dig the seventies and eighties ones.

hey mouse why dont u check The uninvited,
It has little spices from psychosis as well.
but it was released some 6 or 7 years ago.

can u suggest some others …
cuz i like those types of movies…

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I love horror films. Ones that arnt gory though. That sort of stuff is disgusting

American horror story is on Netflix, it not only involves psychosis but the protagonist is a psychiatrist! I dig it! Gonna binge study biology then binge watch the rest of the first season today!

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:laughing: your a funny mouse!

When I first got sick at 13 I was into everything dark. I loved horror movies, dark music, and was obsessed with serial killers. Once sz hit me at 26 I couldn’t watch or play anything horror. I used to love Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but after becoming ill I would see that stuff walking around the house. I can still watch old school horror movies but anything after the Ring became demonic which seemed to feed my psychosis. For years the girl from the ring would follow me around and really creep me out. I understand your attraction to the horror genre as I was had it, but if you’re having nightmares maybe it’s best to stay away. That’s what I had to do. :sunny:

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I watched every horror film for years. I used to think it made me strong for the internal horrors.

But after saw 6, I just got a little bored of the same thing again and again
Hostel wasn’t really horror in my book, it was torture porn. So that shock therapy cured me.

How I watch the muppets, that I used to abhor.

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I like horror films but not horror tv shows.

I do…but it s also a trigger…paranormal based horror…Don t like how it effects my mind…gore movies, like saw, are okay… But would rather not watch

I love horror shows and scary movies like Stephen King is one of my favorites

i dont like them, no

maybe if i had a woman to cling on to i could watch something but i dont

Oh ■■■■. Really?!? THAT explains a few things. And here I thought the melatonin would help me sleep better.


Edit: Back to TOP… I like some horror shows if they’re clever. American Horror Story, yes, absolutely. And I love Hannibal and Dexter (to me they’re comedies).


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I just finished the first season. It wasn’t scary, more like thrilling and addictive. I am pretty sure they make these netflix shows with binge watching in mind. I still liked it.

I might give the second season a shot. After exams I think I will.