Anyone knows?

what does losing tauch with reality mean?? i wonder

When you think Muhhamed Ali is going to pick you up in a Limo, and drive you to the Airport to fly you to the United Nations in Europe to make a speech addressing the world.

That was actually one of my psychotic breaks/delusion.

Or mine… believing I’m god and that everyone is secretely either helping me or working with the devil against me.

i thought it means feeling like living in a dream

That’s more derealization, but yeah, it also feels like living in a dream

minnii hope u remember me . i can not get out of derealization n depersonalization state in no way im afraid to become paranoid because of this situation

Yes I remember you. What happened in the meanwhile? Are you on any medication?

i dont want to be depressed but the anxiety of being in this state of mind is killing me . im on sertraline 1/4 50mg now for a week

I had a weird dream last night before I woke up. In this dream there was a female English teacher who then tested how well people managed to speak English and I got high scores. Suddenly this teacher drove Lada (a famous Soviet automobile) and gave me a ride to one place and it was revealed that this teacher was a CIA recruiter who recruited English speaking people and then I jumped out, and the dream ended. Some weird dreams of mine, nothing to do with the reality.


Honestly you need to let the meds work. A week is nothing, my dr passed lasted months while I was still on meds. You need to have patience and follow treatment.

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