Anyone knows here how to fix your life

Maybe life cannot be fixed just accepted. Life is just a life

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Breaking comfort zones is a big part of it.

Like learning how to speed read (via Howard Berg’s course, he’s the world’s fastest reader at 25,000 WPM full comprehension) involves invoking a state of confusion so your brain rewires itself to read in a more efficient fashion. But that state of being is fundamentally stressful, even more so for a SZ person. But that’s where a good future is. Also the stress isn’t permanent, eventually new neural pathways are made and it becomes second nature.

If I could read at 1000 WPM I’d accomplish so damned much. This seems possible with the course.


I don’t need to read super fast

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Everyone would benefit from that tremendously. Being able to fully comprehend a book in 2 hours is basically a superpower.

But no one needs to do that. True needs are few and far between.


Whatever. Not many people read like Harry potter but still successful

I think you going further to surrealism

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