Anyone know this?

I caught crazy twice after being mentally attacked by sham ‘energy’ therapist where I worked…Now I’m hearing someone new & they are retarded, really inappropriate and I’m worried it may keep me from working. My disability check ends soon and I need to get this to quit.

Does anyone know anything about this?

I would love to know anything voices said to you that I can use to take them to court. Was it inappropriate? Send PM please if it’s too bad to explain!

May be able to get restraining order to stop mental problems if you help. Let’s fight this!

Taking pan to the court he owns.

Funny thought that one.

We only have to prove man-made communication. It’s restraining order worthy if man-made communication under stalking laws. Court will make this a court presidence & could be used in any state to stop voices MAYBE.

Anyone know anything?

I’m getting a lot of inappropriate harassment in public and even pestered about it on here. SPEAK UP!

PM me!