Anyone know of a good regular posting forum?

I used to really like the one at Myspace, but they closed it down a while back. Just would like somewhere to discuss sports, religion, music, etc…

I visit Mental Earth Community. There are topics about anything, but also MI. is primarily a mental health forum but also has following

chill out forum -Join us for a drink in the cafe. We are just in here for fun. Nothing too serious here please!

Chit Chat Cafe

The Chit Chat Cafe is the place to for general chatter on any aspect of life apart from mental health issues, politics, and religion! Serious chatter welcome here!! Feel free to drop in at any time!

Crooked House Pub

The place for a drink and discussions of politics, sport, the economy and world affairs as long as it is not mental health related.

The Amusement Arcade

An arcade full of games for you to play! Individual games and tournaments await you today!

Sub-Forums: Bereavement, Emotions, feelings and thoughts, Exercise, Sports and Leisure, Physical Health, Pregnancy, Self-Esteem, Sexuality/Gender, Sleep, Spirituality

It is quite busy. I should point out that with regards to mental health it has a sizeable number who are opposed to/critical of mainstream psychiatry .

i joined this site to use the forums, i joined in 2009, its great for chating to people all over the world, you should check it out