Anyone know how to design a webpage with false information for me?

New new idea

i have bought a blood test for Thiamine deficiency for my sister
it all looks legit.

i want her to think it helps with the master cleanse diet (the lemonade diet - she uses it a lot) to know your thiamine levels
just so that i can show her on line that huge doses of vitamin B1 can help weight loss and energy levels when you are on the lemonade diet

real reason because i am afraid she has alcoholic brain damage including confabulation, confusion and more

any advice for a quick and professional website set up?

I’d like a cheap professional service will anyone here be able to help?

I am afraid she has early signs of alcoholic dementia or Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
i can’t show her that if she searches independently she would find similar results - but i can give her a link in text message like it’s a good idea then say i bought the blood test kit

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I know a guy who does preety solid websites. I can give you his email, he’s noe looking for work

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Can you point me to a website of his? please

I can give you his email

And he will show you

Ah! yes
thanks !!

Awesome !!!

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