Anyone know how SurprisedJ is doing?

I always wonder how that guys doing. he was great to chat with back in the day


Yeah, him and kidsister were both cool people. I wonder about them too sometimes.


I kinda remember him.

I remember Not Moses, too. He was really nice to me when I first joined.


I miss SurprisedJ
He was a good guy


He ruffled a lot of peoples feathers.

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I’m not aware of the users being mentioned but I’d like to ask. How long had the website been running?

I noticed someone’s post (not sure which user) mentioned it has been running since the eighties or something along those lines?! As a chat room initially?

Either way. If the site admins are reading this. A personal thank you. And is there a way to donate, or is there a voluntary system of helping with moderating the website or any other way to assist?

I’d do it just for personal purposes and not to show to employers or anything like that — I’m a huge fan to be honest


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