Anyone know any good YouTube channel genres?

I watch a lot of stuff on spaceflight and age of empires 2 but I have watched most of the stuff I am interested in. Does anyone know any good channels to keep me entertained?

I like 2 Minute Papers which covers some cool new stuff on machine learning.

Numberphile is neat if you like math.

I like watching demos of various synths and retro music equipment.

Lots of cool stuff to learn on Crash Course too.

A lot of people follow Kati Morton for psych issues.

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I used to follow Chris Hadfield’s youtube page.
He’s a cool astronaut

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CaseyNeistat or MrBeast, Cinemassacare is a good one too

Yes I have heard of this guy. I might have to check his videos out.

I found lots of videos but I could not find a channel on him.

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