Anyone keep their sZ a secret

Ive had it for a such long time, 10yrs, that I cant hide it anymore, its part of me and I know I will have it for the rest of my life. My extended family and friends mostly know now as I couldnt lie anymore by saying I am looking for a job or I am looking for a wife etc when they ask me such questions everytime they see me. My uncles and their family visited me in mental hospital so they were the first to know after my parents and brothers.

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My family knows, I never tell anyone else

When it was undiagnosed I kept it a secret. Firstly because I thought people would do experiments on me and then later because I felt like something bad would happen to me if I told someone. That was part of my delusional belief)

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I don’t tell people until they’ve known me a long time and I trust them. Its a lot easier. I sometimes say I have MH issues and am vague about what it is. I feel like that works the best as people know you are sensitive but don’t freak out about it.

No, I’m pretty open about it. It’s a big part of my life, and I’d like to think that it’s helping to break the stigma


Family knows, my closest friends know. A couple of people at work know, but nobody ever said anything about it really and people seem to act completely normal around me.

But I wouldn’t tell anyone unless I was comfortable with it, because it’s nobodys business really.

I’m pretty open but I’m selective about who I tell and when.

I told most friends and family pretty quickly after diagnosis. That was a big relief, and it allowed me to process things by talking a lot about it with them, and find support in subsequent episodes. Nowadays I feel less need to talk about my condition in that way, maybe that’s hubris

Nah, im open. Im not ashamed of it. Tho telling some people hasnt exactly done me a favour.

Its no big deal for me personally.

I dont fully acknowledge the word, except when I have to. Even doctors admit the word has flaws. And, people like to play doctors and staff when you tell them, and its not their business to.


I told my mom, one sister, my husband, and my best friend. No one else knows. I want to keep it that way because of stigma. Plus, I’m not fully convinced of the diagnosis

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i dont tell anyone but i charge my meds to the company benefits plan so HR knows and probably management and admins

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My sister knows about it but she doesn’t believe it. My brother knows there’s something up but doesn’t know what. My niece knows but thinks it’s literally the devil messing with me and I need to “fight him off with prayer and scripture”. My downstairs neighbor knows I’m MI but doesn’t know my diagnosis. My volunteer co workers know my diagnosis but have no idea what sza is.

I tell practically everyone I talk to more than once. I have disclosed to friends, teachers, professionals at work and even many pretty girls. I have never had discrimination except by one middle aged Asian female colleague. You would be surprised by how other people treat you as long as you are an upstanding, kind and capable person.

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A lot of people don’t know what sz is. They only know its dangerous and all the stigma. I say i got sz, but i take medication and i am in professional care. Thats the point where they want to have sz as well.

Yeah, I never even reveal it on here.


What schizophrenia?

Yeah I’m not the type to tell the world, feel like I can get by without them realizing it

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