Anyone into norse mythology?

I gotta say I’m a fan. Ordered a nice new runic pendant online today. Its my current interest haha. Anyone else read books on the topic or just generally into it? Sorry if this is a boring thread haha.

I studied a little of it in my last class. It was interesting.

There was this great book Asgard by I think Nigel Frith. It was a sort of modern fantasy retelling of the stories of Norse mythology with the usual suspects. It was really good and I think there were other books in the series…

Really good fantasy works and worth a look if you can pick them up…they weren’t on Amazon with a quick look so you might have to hunt down some second hand copies if out of print.

@rogueone yeah I’m currently reading a book called the Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris. Its similar to what you speak of. A retelling of the tales from Lokis perspective.
And I have a book called norse myths which is pretty cool.

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I really enjoyed them back when I was reading lots. I’m sure you’ll like them. See if you can find one second hand. I threw away most of my books when decluttering and minimizing my earthly possessions.

Worth the effort.

@77nick77 what are you studying that would involve norse myths?

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@rogueone yeah I’ll have a gander

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A course in World Mythology.

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Oh yes love the norse mythology, my last dog I named odin, my mom’s cat is freya and current doggo named thor. I’ve had the trifecta, Odin is my fav God figure out of all mythologies and religions, second is ra from ancient egyptian culture.

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