Anyone into gynco biloba?

An effective herbal antidepressant.

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Ginkgo may also cause altered insulin levels, anal sphincter spasms, behavioral changes, bleeding after surgery, bleeding of the eye, blood in urine, blurred vision, bruising, cardiac arrest, coma, constipation, death, diarrhea, distortion of taste, dizziness, dry mouth, edema, fertility reduction, gastrointestinal .

I just get good effect.

It’s not worth the risk for me.

I am the man of risk and optimism,:sparkling_heart:thanks for your information’s.


I use it along with a lot of other stuff. I take a smaller size dose and I don’t feel any side effects. However, when I try to quit it I do get major cognitive withdrawal symptoms. I don’t want to think I’m stuck on it but it seems to be hard to get off of. May just mean it helps my cognitive that much.

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