Anyone interested in ninja mythology philosophy skills art tactics

I was looking for some books about ninjas. I more interested in the ninja mind and survival skills. And mysticism


I’ve watched quite a few documentaries in my day about ninjas. Actually in the 1980s the U.S. had a huge surge in ninja based movies.

Michael Dudikoff is a household name. Lol

The Book of Five Rings by Musashi is very interesting. He was a wandering samurai who had over 60 personal bouts and never lost. Got to 30 or so and then said he knew nothing about sword fighting. Went and meditated and wrote this book.

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Most books about Ninjas are pretty bogus.

They were an extremely lethal and secret society.

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[ eats popcorn and waits for @ninjastar to teleport in with a flash of fire and smoke ]

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Well I have been summoned! Sadly, I am no use in this area. I only picked ninjastar because it rhymes with my actual name and I found it clever.

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I was counting on you to go full-on Sho Kosugi.



LS! My other name is “Ninjasorcerer”. I liked - Glenn Morris - Path Notes of an American Ninja Master.
It can be bought at Amazon.

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Who would win a fight, a ninja or a Navy SEAL?

I think Navy Seal cos they have guns but they have ninja stars so idk.

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