Anyone here who is clean and sober?

How? My sister has been trying to quit for years now. She just keeps going back to it. @Jayster didnt you say you used to smoke?

everyone is different, i had a few things happen that encouraged me to stop, one was my ex started coughing and so i had to smoke in the kitchen and then i had hpylori and and ulcer made it impossible to smoke as much, i went on the patch bc i wanted to stop anyway and i saw how much money i’d save and my fingers were getting yellow so i was glad when i stopped using the patch.


Stopped using street drugs years ago. Rarely drink. Quit smoking rolling tobacco but it’s only been about 2 1/2 months.
Now I just smoke pipe tobacco. It’s still not good for your health, but it’s not too bad. You don’t inhale the tobacco.

Sober for just over 1 year, clean for 3 weeks.

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Last time I drank was New Years eve like 8 years ago.


Yes I was a heavy smoker for about 50 years. I stopped just an hour at a time. I reached out to help. Actually, help is available. Now I almost seven years without smoking.


I drink alcohol very modestly these days

Hard drugs my last relapse was 11 years ago when I spent over £1,000 on cocaine

That was a hard lesson learned, as I took all the cash out on a credit card…

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I never had any addictions but I guess I vape bcz of boredom. I eat a lot but I think its the meds and not addiction.

I never did drugs but tried weed, its legal here, a few times, it made me psychotic.

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