Anyone here run events in the community?

While in sz and alc recovery I used to book music acts at coffee houses and gig a bit myself… I think I want to start an open mic in my community.
But after a bit I lost my fire for it…
I’m honestly stage frightful about it tho…
Anyone else do performance and or public speaking here that has overcome the fear?
I’m currently doing an open mic at the mental health clubhouse to get practice


Mrs. Pixel and I run a community/school Net radio station. I have a couple of shows on that and cover sporting events. I’m also playing a character in our local Ghost Walk for the second year in a row. I’m a former technical trainer and I do some training in the community. Finally, I coach archery, but am doing less of that this year.


Cool :grinning: have you found challenges with motivation and stage presence and if so what do you do to center @velociraptor

Close my eyes and run as hard and fast at the wall as I can. I usually bust through it. Usually, but not always. I also vape a lot of nicotine and come home after public events (especially DJing) a bit of a wreck. That usually involves extra meds, hot tea, and a purring cat.

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@velociraptor, did you know this is my new mantra for giving up codeine?

You have helped me without even knowing it.

Sorry to be off topic @HuckFinn. I think you’ll do great at whatever you turn your hand to but I understand we can lose our fire for projects. Just take it in small steps and set boundaries for yourself so you don’t overdo anything :purple_heart:


So I gather comforts are a good reward :grinning: ty that’s a good bet to me