Anyone here not on meds?

Anyone at all? 15151515

Probably. There’s always a sliding window of people who aren’t on meds. I was off them for 2 years.

Were you psychotic for the 2 years?

I was barely functioning but not psychotic. Until one day I went psychotic and had to go to hospital. Been on meds ever since.

I also went a couple years without. Did ok. Back on them know because I went psychotic. It’s a cycle.

I went non meds for three days. Nope time to meds.

I stopped meds for a year and nearly died from suicide attempts. It was a year of pure hell full of paranoia, delusions and hallucinations. I went to Germany thinking I am the next Hitler. I was talking to myself loudly everyday. I ended up brought involuntarily to mental hospital by 4 cops. They didn’t leave me until I was seen by a psychiatrist and was admitted inside and given many pills.

Haven’t been on any anytipsychotic drugs or off-label phiatric drugs for over 12 years. I’m 34. Have had positive and negative symptoms since age 1 or 2. I lean on DBT/CBT skills learned throughout the yers, I studied my disease in college, my friends and family know every moment I am “off” and need space or a beer or some time on the XBox One or a walk or a nap. I have countless coping skills. Klonopin and Ambien saved my life, too. That’s it. That’s my secret formula. Good luck,.

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So you were born with schizophrenia at age 1 or 2? Makes zero sense.

I was born, at birth obviously, with interesting staring and glaring symptoms and by age 1 or 2, I forget, I was clearly in two separate worlds which later exhibited as clear as day Schizophrenia symptoms. Less than ).01% of children are born this way. Sadly.

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I literally do not know a life without hallucinating etc.

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