Anyone here live in council housing (uk)

I recently moved into council housing. I was wondering if anyone else here lives in council housing.

So far I have found it mixed feelings. The move was very stressful for me. I couldn’t moved in right away as I had to give 4 weeks notice at my previous place. This flat needed a lot of work, the conditions were bad, but its a cute place and the area is nice.

When I finally started to settle the neighbours above me, were a nightmare, but they seemed to have settled (they moved in at the same time as me) so I’m guessing they were just stressed.

This was meant to be a house but they made it into flats.

For the most part its quiet. Its 1 bedroom, the bedroom is large, the bathroom is just typical, the living room is small because the kitchen is in there too, its open planned…but the nice part is the garden at the back to myself.

Anyway, i feel lucky to have this place, i was very scared at first i had no idea what to expect, id lived in supported accommodation for quiet a while.

Was just wondering what other peoples experiences are like and if your happy there and stuff.


i moved into my council flat/apartment about 10 years ago and think it’s one of the best things i’ve ever done. i was very apprehensive before moving, imagined all sorts of bad s*** would happen, but in fact it didn’t, i was just being paranoid.

i think it’s great having my own place - coming and going when i want, cooking what i want, sleeping when i want, having anyone i want round, being independent, being in control of the tv channel etc… i love it.

my flat is nice and so are the neighbours, but i’d like to live by the sea so i’m thinking of moving before i get too old.


I live in a council tower block. It’s in the centre of town and I like it. Am very anxious though as there is talk of knocking the 4 tower blocks in the area down. I would struggle to cope with moving and setting up in a new place.


hope thinga go well in ur new home

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I hope nothing comes of that, and it just rumours of sorts. It sounds like you have a good location.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: I am hopeful.

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I hope so too. It’s an ideal location for me. My youngest step daughter keep pressing me to move near her but it would mean giving up a relatively secure council tenancy and moving from Essex to Wiltshire. Plus setting up in a new place. Coming under a new mental health team .


No sir I do not

i do :slight_smile: i love it,

i havent got a garden although we have a communal area out back that is nice and the neighbours plant flowers and things, i have a seperate kitchen that i think is great with a gas cooker, (i love my gas cooker)

anyway it was a struggle to move in but luckily i had help (family) the most stressful thing was the washing machine bc we nearly dropped it down the stairs, but it wasnt that bad, i had carpets to get down first but that was ok, it didnt take me long to move in really, did you get a grant?

keeping the place tidy is a real struggle too and also going for shopping, luckily i have shops very near but i still find it hard, my neighbours stopped me from doing a bnb thing and i was not happy with that.

i am currently trying to get a part time job, maybe one day i will need to pay rent and another good thing about my council flat is that the rent isnt that high :slight_smile: still on the transfer list though lol


Lol @ sir. Got to love that. One of many great things of anonymity online. But I’ll let you know, I am female. :yum:

Lol your all genderless until stated other wise…

Hi. I got paint vouchers. But the rest of the work I have done… Actually myself and family. I am lucky to have a very supportive family there is no way I could have sorted this place out alone. It had no carpets or flooring. The Windows needed replacing. The boiler was broken. The walls were damp because the garden had overgrown past the damp proofing and cracks in the bricks. While i moved my stuff in, the ceiling fell down in the hallway…I could go on but I won’t. It’s been stressful. I’m glad it’s over and ok now.

To be honest, my mother is a private landlord (actually trying to sell right now). Never lets her house get in this state because nobody would rent the place.

The council on the other hand are paid rent. However they take advantage of people’s situation in life knowing they will take the property no matter what condition it’s in. (I know I’m ranting )

It’s amazing what happens like you say about your appliances almost falling down the stairs. You plan the move. But then you move and what seems like a simple move can easily turn into a nightmare. You peel back 4 layers of wall paper and find black mould all over. And a boiler that needs a part and takes 2 weeks to get it.

Sounds like a nice place @Qwerty especially now that you’ve settled in and fixed the issues. A coat of paint should help brighten the place up too.

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idk where you live but i thought there were regulations in place to stop all of that from happening to a council house property,

my place was all checked and re-floored before i moved in, so when i moved it was all repainted and ready for me to put my stuff in, i also applied for a community care grant from my council and they helped towards my carpets and appliances, they actually made it really easy, i cant imagine my ceiling falling down or anything that you described,

i hope its better now and everything is sorted for you, the boiler is very important esp in the winter and it should be checked every year, my boiler was just checked last week, and if you have a diagnosis and get dla, pip or esa then you may be entitled to a warm homes discount towards your gas/electric bill, you just fill in the form online and you should get it its £140 saving.

it still took me a while to settle in, i had been made homeless from my first private let i was in and then i was in supported accommodation as well, so i had been moving about a lot and before that as well when i was at my parents i was hardly there bc i went to my gf’s place a lot so i’ve been a bit of a nomad (pardon the pun) lol.

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i wasn’t aware of the warm homes discount, i’ll take a look online, thanks for the heads up daydreamer.

i got a grant too when i moved here, it was for £1000 to help pay for appliances and decorating and such. it was a big help and was arranged by my local mind so they did all the paperwork.

Just got awarded pip 3 weeks ago. :slightly_smiling_face: Awaiting back payments now. Has to go through appeals and take it to tribunal. Was awarded full rate. Didn’t expect that.

So had that going on at the same time as the move.

I can now pay some money back to family with the money I get back

I know from the neighbours a bit about the history of this flat. Firstly a couple of girls lived here I think they were young. When they moved out the place had to be fumigated… I think cause of their dog.

Then a guy moved in and did nothing to the place. I saw some mail come in his name from the stroke foundation and I now actually feel really bad for this guy that he lived here in this state. He must have been unable to do anything. The neighbours said the guy lived here roughly 18 months.

Then I think this place was just empty for a while cause nobody wanted it so it got worse cause there was no heating on or fresh air getting into it.

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