Anyone here have/know someone with autism

I have aspergers syndrome.

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one of my cousins has autism and another one has aspergers

One of my best friends in kindergarten had aspergers. I didn’t know that until a lot later when my mom told me, I always just thought he had sensitive hearing. We had a lot of fun times together. He looooved me. Tried to kiss me whenever we were together, got me chocolates in a heart box, a pretty little heart locket…even when I moved away he still loved me years later and called me to catch up…

He was a very good guy. He seems to have a really good life now, plenty of friends, he’s good looking and is majoring in multiple things at once in college. Definitely shows that you can still make it even with ASD.


My cousin’s son living in Canada suffers from a pretty intense form of Aspergers.
Probably not on the Aspergers scale, as he can’t drive and has a difficult time working.

I have pervasive developmental disorder-NOS. I’m told mine is very mild by my psychiatrist and every doctor that I’ve been to.

I know somebody in this forum with autism but I don’t want to “flag” him.

Most of my students have autism. They’re some of my favorite people!