Anyone here have/had ferrets?

I’m giving thought to getting two ferrets (to keep each other company). Has anyone here ever had ferrets? What can you say about them? Good pets or a pain in the ass and not worth it?

Never had them myself, but I’ve known a couple people over the years that had them. They were smelly and destructive, that’s all I can remember. But it might have a lot to do with proper care vs not, I don’t know. Seems most pets can be great if the owner really knows what they are doing, and I don’t know jack about ferret care, so I don’t know how properly they were being handled.

That said, I’ve also known someone who had pets rats, just a few, and he raised them from birth, he got them from a friend whose rats had babies. Those rats of his were smart, cuddly and very social, was pretty impressive.

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Wow…I had forgot about my ferret edger till now…he was great! There little thiefs but in a cute way… He was super playful and was mostly positive… I’d defently get another one if I ever live on my own… My parents gave him away cause I went to the mental hospital… But they do require alot of cleaning … They poop alot but they pick corners so it’s not hard to clean… Go for it! If ur ready for the responsibility and got the money for new weekly bedding and food…

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I had a ferret that was a mean little butthead. I gave him away

Why not get a small dog? It’s small, furry, smart, etc. But the chances that it will be social and like you are much, much higher. Not sure if there is something about ferrets that has captured your heart or not.

This was Daffodil, my pet ferret!


Well see yours seems nice and social. Must have to do with how well they are handled early on in their life cycle or something. Maybe the people I knew didn’t do a good job, as their ferrets were just wild and kind of mean. Might also depend on the bloodline, if their parents were not handled well, etc.

Yes, some bite and when they do it really hurts! Also, they can smell a bit but if you have time on your hands every day they can be good companions…

My aunt used to have ferrets. They smell bad. I would rate them a 3 out of 10 for pet choices.

No, but I enjoyed this documentary:

(Oh, I just re-watched some of the beginning and did not remember the lady who says some stigmatizing things about MI; not endorsing that.)

Yeah, from everything I’ve read, I don’t think I’ll be adding any of these little guys to my family. Not only have I seen that they smell, but are needy like dogs and wreck the place. I’ll admire them from afar.

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I had one their like tiny clepto ninja assholes but in a funny way. Their very entertaining to say the least. Clean ups not terrible feeding is easy their omnivores. Good company but mine stole my car keys and would steal the meat out of my sandwiches. I thought it was hilarious most of the time.forgot about the smell i bathed mine every other day in that anti musk ferret shampoo.

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