Anyone here have experience with translation


My original college plans included studying aboard and getting fluent in Spanish. Sza really cut that short. Recently my desire to learn a second language has been rekindled. Anyone here done translation as a job?


I did years ago. It was very rewarding. I translated for kids and their parents with physical defects who came to the US for surgeries.


What languages were involved? Did you pick an additional language later in life or were you born in a bilingual environment


I learned Spanish as a college student. I learned a few dialects of Spanish, but that was the only language I translated.


I have recently started translating for a tourism firm in my native country, Trinidad and Tobago. I’m currently a final year uni student majoring in French, minoring in International Relations & Gender and Development studies.


I was a volunteer translator for the local hospital (Spanish).


I tried to learn mandarin and Arabic on Rosetta Stone but it was too hard.


I have a friend who does (he generally works for his provincial government), but the quality of AI translation has gotten so good in the last year that it is starting to really impact his revenues. He’s frantically searching for another career as he’s pretty certain that his translation business will be gone within five years.

Sorry for being negative, but this is what I know on the topic.


Yes, I’m Korean-English translator!
I translated various tourism documents, articles, advertisements, etc…
What can I help you with?